Life and Professional Coaching

I offer professional one-on-one coaching for individuals who want results moving ahead with their writing (but not at the expense of having a life), and who want a coaching alliance to help build a better writing practice, accomplish change, make a transition or leap, get un-stuck, or complete a complex project.

I require a three-month initial commitment to the coaching relationship with weekly meetings, frequent homework or research assignments and (often) email contact between sessions. At the conclusion of the first three months, we jointly determine whether to continue on a weekly basis or to move to once- or twice-monthly sessions until completion.

Coaching is normally conducted by telephone or Skype. Clients local to Portland, Maine may coach in person if they wish.

Fees: A pay-in-advance package is available for this introductory period, or clients may opt to pay by the month. Please call or email for detailed information about coaching fees.

Warning: In some cases writers may discover that they really don’t want to continue writing, but don’t worry: when that happens it is usually because we have discovered something else that is more important to you.