About Coaching

When you work with a coach, you engage an ally who works with you to bring you to your best self—all parts of it.  Together we discover how to build on your strengths and together determine where negative attitudes sabotage your endeavors.   Together we find your best course away from struggle and disappointment toward balance and fulfillment. In the process we discover the best way for you to work and live, avoiding the snags that in the past have slowed or stopped your forward momentum.  We co-actively create an atmosphere in which you can free yourself to create the life you want with a sense of power and joy. Your purposeful work flows from knowing who you are, what you want and what you are willing to do to make the work happen.

Co-Active Coaching

The coaching discipline I have studied calls itself “co-active.”  Its components are:

1.  A cornerstone belief that you, the client, are naturally creative, resourceful and whole.

As your coach,  I will not try to direct you, advise you or fix you.  Coaching is not therapy.  Instead, I honor you as the expert on your own life—you have all the answers you need—and I am here to help you find them in yourself.  Co-active coaching assumes that you are the only one who can determine the best way to turn your life into your best life.

2.  The agenda for coaching comes from you, the client.

As your coach, I will focus on what you want to focus on, not what I think you should have done before, should be doing now, or should be doing next.  Upon occasion I may ask if
we might briefly consult: this happens when the coaching enters an area in which I have considerable expertise or professional or personal backgroud.  It is your decision whether consulting seems appropriate for you or not.

3. Just as you do in your life, as a coaching client, you will work with everything you are.

We don’t isolate parts of your life as being separate.  We work with everything you are, turning toward everything you want to be.  Your work is not separate from the rest of your being.

4.  During coaching sessions, you,  the client, and I as the coach “dance in the moment” together,  not always adhering to a set plan or formula, but dealing with what’s going on for you now and what you want to do next.

While we maintain your overall agenda, we work in a partnership that is flexible, not only between ourselves, but with what is happening moment by moment.  Lightness, fun and laughter are part of the serious work of coaching.

Our Alliance

How we will coach, when we will coach, what you need as client and what I need as coach are all part of the initial discovery session(s) where all that you are and all that I am meet to determine how we align ourselves to produce the very best experience for you.  Our first effort is to cement our alliance so that you and I share an information pool about you—who you are, who you are becoming, and what you hope to achieve—from the beginning through all of the work that we will do together, and that you will continue once coaching ends.